More About Me

Real Estate Broker

With over twenty years of experience, Tanya’s real estate career began in the early 2000’s. She graduated from Seattle University with a Marketing Degree and promptly joined GIS, her family’s real estate development company. Tanya’s career has been focused on land acquisitions, project entitlements, team creation, design development and, of course, sales and marketing campaigns. Tanya has helped landowners, sellers, as well as investors achieve their real estate goals.

Upon receiving her real estate license in Washington State, Tanya kickstarted the transactional side of her business for both buyers and sellers. She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Tanya is committed to providing personalized service, with an emphasis on addressing client needs, all the while utilizing unique opportunities for a given property. She has had the pleasure of leading projects that range from complete remodels to custom homes, to commercial multifamily developments. Tanya has a passion for all things real estate, you name it, she has done it.

Tanya is always well-informed of the latest market trends, she stays versed with property values, and is always polishing her negotiating strategies. Believing every deal should go as smooth as possible, Tanya strives for transparency, a core value of hers. Through open and honest communication, she ensures clients are always educated and confident with their real estate decisions. The buying and selling process experience is all too familiar for Tanya, her business, as well as project partners. Tanya aspires to treat everyone the way she would appreciate and the way her clients deserve to be treated. Tanya also has a network of trusted partners across the world.


Russian, English